What is Alcoholic Sparkling Water?
It's simple - Water + Bubbles + Alcohol... also known in other parts of the world as 'hard seltzer'. There's just nothing hard about our easy-drinking creations so we prefer the term Alcoholic Sparkling Water ;)

What does it taste like?
Light and refreshing. Boozy, bubbly flavor with a hint of fruit. 

What are your nutrition facts?
Each low-calorie, low-sugar 330ml can of Jiggy has a 4.5% abv, is 92 calories, and has just 0.7g of sugar. We're also naturally gluten free. 

We've had third-party testing for our cans to make sure we're giving you the most accurate information.  

When will I get my order?
All orders through our site should get to you within 2-3 business days through our third-party delivery provider. If you have a need for instant Jiggy, DM us and we will try our best to make it happen for you! 

How much is shipping?
Shipping rates are calculated by weight - which will be reflected in your cart. 

How do I get in touch?
You can e-mail us at hello@drinkjiggy.com or DM us at @drinkjiggy on Instagram!